LinsUIWPF Suite is a toolset for building Windows 7/8 style like user interface for Windows Presentation Foundation application. It enhances the appearance of UI with gradient background and elegant layout. Users can easily move a Window/Panel/Toolbar and dock it anywhere they like. All tool items and tool containers (such as Context Menu, Menu, Ribbon Menu, Toolbar and Tasks Screen) are customizable. Composite Command gives users the ability to execute several commands only at one click. The Help  (Video) button of a command tooltip links the command to its documentation. The Search (Video) function box helps users to use keyword to locate the functionality inside the application. Different user can export his favorite workspace layout and tool items’ setting as XML files. The XML files can be imported back any time.

It supports two modes, Normal and Metro, both of them supports multiple document interface (MDI) and tabbed document interface (TDI), and both can be mixed-used. Users can switch between these two modes.  All controls provide a high-performance, animation, and visually appealing interface. It is very easy to create a metro screen, ribbon menu, menu, context menu, or toolbar and assign it to the main frame, a document, or a panel.

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